10 April

ARC's regular wing training sessions are discussed here.
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10 April

Postby Dayrth » Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:57 am

Not a Thursday and not really training again, but I did get together with Frank for a bit more Code breaking. It's going quite well so far. I did have more than a few problems with my rig though (not unusual for me I know).

For no apparent reason my joystick input was being echoed. If I tried to supercruise it would start then immediately cancel. If I targeted a ship it would immediately untarget. If I tried to fire railguns they would start charging then immediately stop. Every JS button I pressed seemed to press twice. Makes playing surprisingly difficult. It turned out to be the discord app that was doing it. I still don't know why so I am reduced to using the in game comms. Luckily I do have these working now.

I can't really complain. According to the minimum spec, my poor laptop should not be able to run Elite at all. Roll on next month. I should be getting a new rig then. I'm hoping a lot of these issues will disappear then. The only niggling doubt I have is that the new machine will be running Windows 10, and I have heard that can cause some issues.
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