Wing Training 8 April

ARC's regular wing training sessions are discussed here.
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Wing Training 8 April

Postby Dayrth » Fri Apr 08, 2016 7:14 am

Not really wing training as I was on my own yesterday, but I did get in a lot of Code bashing. I managed to upgrade again (to a Cobra this time) and as I could not afford many module upgrades I thought I would play safe and visit the ordinary res. Despite the fact that these are normally quiet, and the Code in Zaonce are showing as 1% and falling, that place was full of Code Pythons and 'Condas. I paid 3 visits to the site. All were short because I needed to go for repairs quite often, but many Code destroyed and a lot of money made too :D

Unfortunately on my last visit an ill timed railgun shot missed my target and hit a copper. Enough damage done to get me a bounty. Now with the Code and the police after me, I thought it would be prudent to leave the system until things quietened down. A while back when ARC were only in Zaonce and Colando Pothey both went in to expansion. We did find a colony in Tianve, but we should have expanded in to another system as well. No one ever found that system though. While I was waiting for my bounty to expire I thought I would go and see if I could find it. I have a pathetic jump drive on the Cobra, so the search was a bit tedious, but due more to luck than anything else I did find the system. Hun Nal Yeh. Just in time too. Something had come up so I had to leave the game then. Frank came on line just in time for me to let him know before I rushed away.

ARC standing at the moment looks like this.

Zaonce: 75%
Colando Po: 7%
Tianve: 11%
Hun Nal Yeh 4%
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