Alliance Groups

A place for other player groups to contact us so we can coordinate efforts, forge allegiances and unite for the Alliance.
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Alliance Groups

Postby sanctuary1952 » Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:45 am

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Re: Alliance Groups

Postby Dayrth » Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:06 am

We have had a communication from a Captain Kirby:

I contacted you to ask if you would be interested to actively participate in galactic politics.

The Alliance needs to be able to reach its members and talk about stuff from time to time. Lately we had some issues with Winters and the Federation for example, and until then it was the AOS (Mahon reddit) guys who had to make remarkable decisions for the Alliance on their own. We now try to reach out for the other Alliance groups to form some kind of alliance of Alliance groups. This is not about Powerplay but about the Alliance as a whole, because we think one can no longer divide the interests of Mahon and the Alliance. There are quite a lot ways to support the Alliance, and we aim to make use of all of them for the greater good.

If you're interested to contribute, please let me know or just drop by the Mahon TS and speak with Steven.

Regardless of your decision, I'd like to establish diplomatic ties between the ARC and The Allies [Aid]. We already are in contact with most Alliance groups, though I think I judged your group inactive when I made my scouting a few months ago. Sorry for that. I'm glad you're still here and I'm looking forward to work with you.


Captain Kirby [Aid]
on behalf of the AOS

I am going to reply and request more details.
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