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Frequently Asked Questions

Postby Sealurk » Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:27 pm


ARC is a player group in the game Elite: Dangerous, a simulator-style space trading and combat* game made by Frontier Developments, available on PC, Mac and now on Xbox One.

Within the setting of Elite: Dangerous there are three major powers, the Federation, the Empire and the Alliance. The Alliance of Independent Systems, founded at Alioth in 3230 AD, is an organisation created to allow independent systems to thrive away from Federal or Imperial rule. It is a tolerant, ethical, democratic and culturally diverse organisation promoting trade and cooperation while affording its members mutual defence and the freedom to govern themselves how they choose.

The Alliance is the youngest, smallest and least conflict-driven of the galactic powers and is at times seen as politically ineffectual and overly bureaucratic due to the sheer diversity of its member states preventing meaningful political change, but its military, while small and equally diverse, is allowed to act independently of the government and has proven to be very effective and efficient.

Within the context of this setting ARC, the Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps, is a volunteer organisation of predominantly combat-focused pilots (commanders), somewhere between a militia and a paramilitary, who choose to defend and advance the Alliance's interests through force when trade and diplomacy just aren't enough. In keeping with the Alliance's ideals we are an open-minded, inclusive group created with the aim of coordinating the actions of its members to achieve greater impact and results in the service of the Alliance, using the maxim "the best defence is a good offence" as the basis of our activities.

In real life ARC is a player group started almost by accident by a few like-minded players on the Frontier Developments board, principally Dayrth, Sealurk and Sanctuary1952. The ARC player group is aimed at people who want to assist the Alliance but aren't overly interested in the roles of traders or diplomats.

*and mining, smuggling, piracy, exploration, strategy, politics, sabotage, assassination, privateering and probably several other roles.


The Alliance is a peaceful, tolerant, democratic organisation that exerts power through trade and diplomacy - trading commodities and hauling paperwork are both noble professions and the core mechanisms that allow the Alliance to function.

Of course, somebody still needs to take up arms to protect that way of life, and that is ARC's primary purpose. Our main focus is on combat operations that promote and advance the Alliance and its values. ARC commanders hunt pirates, fight wars, escort traders, eliminate troublemakers and where possible weaken those who might try to interfere with Alliance business.

ARC is therefore available to provide security to traders, miners and returning explorers, and we regularly take part in system flipping - bringing more systems into the Alliance fold by fighting on behalf of an Alliance faction when conflict zones appear.


ARC isn't solely and exclusively about shooting things, though it is by a long shot our primary aim (no pun intended... much). As we have an in-game minor faction we are also seeking to increase our influence, though we will not do this at the expense of factions that might better suit the Alliance.

At the moment we run regular wing training sessions that any current or potential ARC commander is welcome to join. What we do in those sessions, and in general, is typically determined democratically by discussion and voting in the appropriate thread.

Though we are an independent organisation, and much smaller, ARC has in the past worked for and with the AEDC to ensure that we aren't at cross purposes and we would like to work with other player groups as well.


In real life, ARC members come from all over the world, though as with Elite: Dangerous players in general, the majority seem to be based in the United Kingdom.
In game ARC's headquarters have been established in Zaonce, at Ridley Scott station. Zaonce is one of the Old Worlds, and one of the most important in human space due to being the home of the Bank of Zaonce, the premier financial institution. As such, ARC has made the security of the Zaonce system a priority.

As of update 1.4 the Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps is now an in-game faction based out of Ridley Scott station in the Zaonce system, which we currently control.


No, you absolutely do not need to be pledged to "Eddie". In fact, Powerplay in general is not a requirement of being an ARC commander.

That said, being involved with Powerplay is certainly a bonus, not least because it opens up combat options for Alliance commanders, but we don't expect or require it at all.

We also won't exclude commanders who are pledged to other powers as we understand that sometimes loyalties can be torn, and sometimes other powers just have much nicer toys. However, ARC members are generally expected to work in the best interests of the Alliance and certainly not against it.


Also no. Voice communications are very useful in-game but are by no means essential. We are happy to use in-game text communications, in-game voice communications and Teamspeak, though we do have a marked preference for Teamspeak simply because it is more powerful, more versatile and much more stable than the in-game voice comms.


No, Horizons is also not mandatory and we will take this into account when organising wing training and combat ops.


In real life, you simply need Elite: Dangerous and a computer to play it on. At the moment all known ARC commanders operate solely in the PC/Mac version of the game. Please be aware that the Xbox One version of the game runs separately to the PC/Mac version so as far as we know actions in one version have little or no effect in the other.

In the game, you need a ship. That's it. If you want to do a lot for ARC we strongly advise you base yourself in or around Zaonce and have at least one combat-oriented ship.


We shoot stuff for the Alliance.
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