Interdiction in 1.4

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Interdiction in 1.4

Postby Dayrth » Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:02 am

For those who have not heard, here is the low-down on the new interdiction mechanic.
There is now a penalty for mass, whether interdicting or being interdicted. This means that it is easier to interdict/escape a ship that is bigger than yours, harder to interdict/escape one that is smaller. The bigger the difference in mass the grater the effect. An Anaconda would find interdicting a Sidewinder almost impossible, but a Sidewinder could interdict an Anaconda easily (not sure what the Sidewinder would do with it though ;)).

The upshot of this is; if you are out hunting pirates in SC or undermining, take a smaller ship, like a Viper or Vulture.
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