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Postby Dayrth » Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:49 pm

Recently I have been experimenting with loadouts designed to make my ships in to interceptors. That is a ship then can target a big threat and take it down fast. I started out by fitting my Python and FDL with torpedoes. These are very effective once the targets shields have been dropped and Anacondas can be reduced to dust very quickly. Two drawbacks though. Huge amount of heat generated when firing them and you use up an entire compliment on one target.

While I was taking part in the recent CG I decided to try out another Idea, and fitted the FDL with 4 railguns. These do an incredible amount of damage to shields and hull. Still limited ammo, but much better than torpedoes. Still a whole load of heat. it also left only one hardpoint for a laser, so taking on smaller ships that were hard to target with the rails was near impossible and again I had to break off the fight when the ammo was gone.

I eventually settled for three rails and two class 2 burst lasers. Still very effective but less power needed, a bit less heat generated and the two bursts were beefy enough to fight with on their own. I thought the heat might just be manageable for the Python so was going to try the same loadout on that, but Sealurk was telling me about the effectiveness of plasma accelerators. I had never been very accurate with them, preferring the delayed firing of rails to the slow projectile of the PAs, but decided to give them a go and do a bit of practice. I have spent this afternoon doing just that, and I have to say two class 2 bursts and three class 3 PAs is a truly deadly combination. This is the loadout I am going to stick with on the Python for a while, and I shall keep the rails on the FDL. Cant wait to try them both as part of a wing.

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Re: Interceptors

Postby Sealurk » Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:18 pm

I like the Interceptor concept (and name), and yes, since fitting a Plasma Accelerator to Thunder Child I have been very impressed with the damage it does - especially if you're able to hit a targeted subsystem. This is part of the reason I get in very close when taking on big targets, it allows me to hit subsystems with fixed kinetic weapons like the PA much more reliably, and the damage they do is well worth it.

My FAS is very well equipped for taking out big targets but doesn't fare so well against smaller, nippier ones. I did try swapping the dorsal mounted PA for a gimballed C3 beam laser but the drop in damage wasn't really worth the ability to hit anything smaller than an Asp with relative ease. Unfortunately the FAS's hardpoint placement more or less precludes the possibility of using anything other than fixed weapons on the ventral surface.
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